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They say you never forget your first love. It's true.

The year was 1978. A lazy, hot summer in Dayton, Ohio. She was a solid little number. A tad boxy. Some might call her a little on the heavy side. I thought she was just right all decked out in black leather and chrome. A real beauty. My Uncle John introduced us. It was love at first sight. A Pentax K1000. Kismet.

Fast forward 34 years. My love for photography is greater than ever. Whether it's with my fleet of Nikons, iPhone or my drones, I still get butterflies. Drawing with light. That's photography. At least that's the Greek etymology of it. For me it means much more. Freedom. Truth. Transcendence. It's my goal to move the viewer in some way.

The great outdoors is even greater with a camera in hand. Balancing on rocks, straddling train tracks, chasing the ionic high before a supercell erupts, and literally going out on a limb all to get "the shot." I'm always searching for something new and unexpected to photograph and beyond that, a different way to capture it. Wide-angle landscapes, extreme weather scenes and cars are among my favorite subjects. I also carry an FAA sUAS Part 107 certification which allows me to fly my drones commercially.

Photography. Technology. The great outdoors. That's my holy trinity of visual storytelling. I'm not going for a religious experience, but damn close. I invite you all to come along.

At the moment, I call Ashland, Virginia my home, where I live with the other great loves of my life my wife Shay and our two children, Davis and Ryan.